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The Materials Technology Center was established in 1983 as a result of a high-technology thrust by the state of Illinois. Charged with stimulating ma­terials-re­lated research on the campus of SIUC, the center accomplishes this mission through initiating interdisciplinary research in the Colleges of Engi­neering and Science, disseminating these results, and sponsoring technical seminars. The center encourages re­search in new ar­eas by administering a competitive grant program that funds start-up projects for faculty entering new areas of materials research and provides technical, ad­ministrative and financial support to start-up and es­tablished research pro­grams.

The three research focus areas of the Materials Technology Center include:

  • Materials Design by Iterative Computation, Synthesis, and Characterization
  • Sensors and Biosensors
  • Energy Storage

Additional research programs include carbon-carbon composites, catalysis, magnetic mate­rials, alternative and traditional energy structural materials, polymers and polymer matrix composites, chemical vapor deposition and infiltration, and plasma induced deposition techniques, illustrating the diverse nature of materials re­search sup­ported by the center.

            Under the guidance of established experts, students associated with MTC re­ceive hands-on training and valuable experience. The total program of the center offers an opportunity for students at all levels of experience to train in the fields of Mate­rials Science and Engineering.